Forms for Youth Activities in a Safe Environment

For the protection of our youth and vulnerable adults, all parishes in the Diocese of San Jose in which chaperones need to be involved, require fingerprinting and safe environment training for staff and volunteers.  To ensure each activity follows safe environment practices, we ask the activity coordinator to fill out a Youth Activity Agreement and turn it in to the Rectory.  This should accompany the Facilities Reservation and be kept on file at all times during the activity.

Also required are student activity forms filled out by parents/guardians and Activity waiver forms for adult volunteers. These are kept with the Youth Activity Agreement.

Should you or someone in the activity experience an accident or get hurt in some way, we ask you to fill out and turn in a General Liability Incident Report as well.

If you would like more information, please download a brochure and the Diocese policy below or contact the office manager in the rectory. Thank you.

Diocesan Safe Environment brochure  & Diocese Policy on Sexual Misconduct
Facilities Reservation Form